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Peach Bellini Jam

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Summer is at its peak! When intense heat and humidity mix, do you know a better way to cool down than with summer fruit and a tinge of cocktail? Let La Dee Da introduce you to their Peach Bellini Jam.

This unique and tasty Peach Bellini Jam brings mouth-watering, Ontario ripe peaches and mixes them with sparkling Italian wine. It has real Prosecco wine in it. Light and delectable, it exemplifies the mellow flavour of Bellini cocktails served in Harry's Bar in Venezia.

The fresh peach taste is so satisfying, and the little chunks of fruit make it even more flavorful. Combined with the Prosecco's faint taste, this jam is the perfect topping on many things. The refreshing summer flavour is impressive on toast, crackers, and cheese. But you could even use it in a grilled vegetable sandwich for a delectable upgrade. Perfect for charcuterie boards to balance your sweet and savoury goodies also.

If you've been looking for a Peach Jam that would taste just like a fresh sweet peach from a summer harvest, this Peach Bellini Jam is certainly a keeper!

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