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Cheese Enthusiast's Starter Kit

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In this box you'll find some of the essentials you'll need to take with you on your new cheese journey!

An easy to use and versatile soft cheese knife will help all newcomers to the world of cheese tasting, and what better cheese to start off with then a lovely shelf stable Castello Brie. You'll find all kinds of fun flavors in this kit to pair with this cheese, allowing you to see its full potential and explore your own tastebuds.

This box can be picked-up at the shoppe or shipped across Canada.

The kit contains:

  • 33 Pieces of Cheese Tasting Journal
  • Stainless Steel Cheese Knife for cutting soft, Brie cheese
  • 10 Cheese Wrapping Papers, to help store cheese in your fridge
  • 250 mL jar of Tipsy Olives by Sable & Rosenfeld (Toronto,ON)
  • 250 mL jar of sweet jam or jelly by Kountry Kitchen Cupboard (West Montrose, ON)
  • 75 g bar of Mon Cherry D'Amour Dark Chocolate by Chocosol (Toronto, ON)
  • 130g of Enerjive Quinoa Crackers - Italian seasoning (Richmond Hill, ON)
  • 125g wheel of Castello Brie by Arla Foods (Denmark)

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