Fondue Pot & Raclette Equipment Rentals

Considering hosting a cheesy soirée for your friends? We suggest a Fondue pot full of melted cheese to dip your goodies into or a Raclette, melting cheese over your favourite food items.

Both are delicious and fun experiences!

Don’t have a Fondue pot or a Raclette to use? We can help by renting them to you with all of the equipment you require to make it a successful dinner party. We will even provide you the cheese!

For a fondue, we recommend at least 400g of shredded cheese or a pre-made pack for two people. You can experience a classic Swiss cheese fondue by using our pre-made Appenzeller or Le Gruyère fondue A.O.P. cheese packs. Stonetown Artisan Cheese near St. Marys, Ontario, also produces their shredded cheese kit using their Wildwood, Grand Trunk and Homecoming cheese.

Traditionally cubed, day old baguette is dipped into the pot of melted cheese. Recently I have been dipping also sautéed mushrooms, steamed baby potatoes or cauliflower, poached shrimp and fresh cherry tomatoes.

For the adventurous or purist at heart, you can grate blocks of the authentic Kaltbach Swiss Emmenthal and Le Gruyère A.O.P. cheese for your fondue. Both cheese are aged for at least nine months in Swiss caves, enhancing the nutty flavour of each cheese.

For a raclette dining experience, plan to serve at least 200g of cheese per participant. You melt the cheese under the provided tabletop broiler/grill and scrape it over your favourite yummy food items such as boiled baby potatoes, grilled sausages, shrimp, scallops or sliced zucchini, steamed broccoli or cauliflower… Let your culinary imagination go wild.

You can choose amongst the four different Quebec raclette cheese supplied to us by Fromagerie Kaiser. Fritz Kaiser, the cheesemaker, is originally from Switzerland. Raclette cheese production is one of his specialties. We have in stock: his original Raclette Kaiser, Raclette Griffon washed with the Quebec beer of that name, Raclette with Green Peppercorns and La Mascotte, a goat Raclette cheese.

How Many People Can Each Machine Serve?

The gel-fueled fondue pot can accommodate up to six participants.

The electric raclette can be used by four participants at a time.

How Do I Book a Raclette Machine or Fondue Pot Rental?

You can call directly at 905-274-7775 if you would like to reserve in advance or complete the on-line machine rental booking form

Equipment is only available to rent if you purchase fondue or raclette cheese from us. 

We do recommend that you book your rental in advance. There are a limited number of machines to loan out. 

  • $20 rental charge / one day only rental
    • a valid credit card number is required for the deposit
  • All rentals are stored in a washable plastic tote box or Rubbermaid tub.

When Do I Have to Return My Rental?

All rentals must be returned the next business day by 4 pm, so that we have the proper amount of time to sanitize them for the next renter. 

Rentals must be returned in the tub/tote in clean and working condition. Any rentals returned uncleaned will be charged a $25 cleaning fee.

If any rental equipment is not returned to Lakeview Cheese Galore in acceptable condition within two days after your event, the replacement cost will be charged to your credit card without notice.

Tips for Using Raclette Rentals

Never overfill raclette trays. If you pile ingredients too high, they won’t cook evenly during the brief cooking time and the cheese will brown too quickly because it’s too close to the heating element. Instead cook more small servings

The trays have a non-stick coating. Please use the provided plastic Raclette scrapers to remove cheese once melted. Avoid metal utensils to scrape these trays. Clean the trays by soaking them in warm water for a few minutes first, then clean them with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive scrubbers.

Online Rental Form

Please complete this form to let us know what machine(s) you would like to rent and when. We will contact you to firm up the rental details.
Note: machine availability will fluctuate and rentals are booked on a first come first served basis.

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