Size Information for Cheese

Variable Weight Cheese

Certain cheese products sold online and in-store by Lakeview Cheese Galore are pre-packaged by the cheese maker and have an approximate weight as defined by the cheese maker. Where a weight is provided it is an approximate weight.

These items are not sold by weight.

Hand Cut Cheese

Most cheese sold by Lakeview Cheese Galore comes in large wheels, blocks or other formats from the cheese maker.

We hand cut these to smaller sizes to sell to our customers.

Ordering Online

When ordering hand cut cheese online you will be able to choose from available pre-set size options e.g. 150 grams, 250 grams, 350 grams.
To get the amount you would like you may need to add multiple counts of the same or mixed sizes e.g. order two units of 150 grams in order to purchase 300 grams of the cheese.

If you order multiple units of the same cheese, at our discretion, we may provide you with a single piece or multiple pieces to fill your order.

While our staff take the time and effort to cut your cheese to the stated size (mass) this is a manual process that is not exact and there will be variability in the mass of cheese that you receive. Plus or minus 20 grams is our acceptable variability.

Important: By completing your order online you acknowledge that the hand cut cheese you receive may weigh more or less than the ordered amount.

In-store Ordering

When you purchase hand cut cheese in store you can let our staff know how much you would like in variable terms like: ‘about X grams of’, or ‘enough for X people’, or indicate the width of the piece that you would like cut.

The price you pay will be the exact mass, as weighed on our scale, multiplied by the per gram price.

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