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Duck Mousse de Foie Gras

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Brand: Les Canardises
Category: Charcuterie

Produced in St-Féréol-Les-Neiges in Quebec, these delicious duck mousse are a delicious treat for every occasion.

Our mousse exclusively composed of duck is prepared with 60% foie gras, which preserves an authentic taste, in addition to giving it a light and creamy texture.

Flavour variations include:

* Black Truffle - The refined flavour of the black truffle goes perfectly with our foie gras, which will delight all gourmets!

* Pear Liqueur - By adding Pear Liqueur from the Domaine des Salamandres, we give it notes of brioches, caramelized pears and vanilla, which will delight all gourmets! One of our customers’ favourites of our customers.

Refrigerate for three hours before tasting. Temper 15-20 minutes before opening the can to make it easier to unmold. Open both lids and gently push towards the widest part. Stores for 3-6 days in the refrigerator after opening.

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