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Duck Terrine with Foie Gras

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Brand: Les Canardises

Produced in St-Féréol-les-Neiges in Quebec, these artisanal pâtés are made with only the duck meat raised on the family farm.

Our terrine made from 100 % duck,is carefully prepared with top-quality ingredients. It is cooked with the best parts of our ducks; magret and pieces of foie gras.

Three different flavours are available:

* Orange & Cranberry - We added Nutra Fruit cranberries and orange zest, providing more textures and flavours.

* Pink Peppercorn with Port Wine - The happy union of these ingredients gives a unique taste to our terrine.

* Armagnac - Cooked with duck breast and real pieces of duck foie gras and a touch of Armagnac distilled wine.

A delicious charcuterie addition to all cheese boards.

Refrigerate for three hours before tasting. Serve cold. Open both lids and gently push towards the widest part. Stores for 3-6 days in the refrigerator after opening.

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