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Figaro Cheese

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Product Details
Brand: Glengarry Fine Cheese
Product origin: Ontario
Production level: Artisanal
Original format: Variable mass 150g block
Milk type & treatment: Cow - pasteurized

Margaret Peters-Morris and her team produces the Figaro cheese, made in the tradition of Chaource cheese from the Champagne region of France. It is a soft surface-ripened, lactic cows' milk cheese.

The Figaro differentiates itself by its mild milky and fresh taste when the cheese is young but that becomes more intense when aged to 6 weeks, its very delicate texture that is more typical of a goat cheese but here achieved with cow's milk and its very unique rind that combines appearance of both ripening moulds and yeasts.

Aged for three weeks, shelf life of eight weeks.

Available in approximate 150 grams individual units, packed in transparent sealable cups.

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