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Roquefort A.O.C. Cheese

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Product Details
Brand: Gabriel Coulet
Product origin: France
Production level: Semi-industrial
Original format: Variable mass 1.4 kg half wheel
Milk type & treatment: Sheep - raw

A shepherd, in a hurry to court a young lady, had forgotten a piece of rye bread and sheep’s curd in the scree of the Combalou mountain. A few weeks later, he found his meal, but it had now turned bluish in colour. In fact, the Penicilium roqueforti present in the craks had naturally done its work on the bread, and on the cheese too. The young man tasted it and contrary to all expectations, enjoyed it! Thus Roquefort was born.

Produced by the fifth generation of the Coulet family, the ivory, creamy white paste with many bluish mottles and velvety texture will delight your senses with hints of undergrowth and its subtle presence when tasted.

This Roquefort is the signature cheese of the Coulet family business.

Once in the mouth, its fondant texture and refinement will reveal all of its aroma.

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