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Kaltbach Emmenthal A.O.P Cheese

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Product Details
Brand: Emmi
Product origin: Switzerland
Production level: Industrial
Original format: Variable mass 5 kg block
Milk type & treatment: Cow - raw
Lactose-free: Yes

Emmenthal is the quintessential Swiss cheese with the holes/eyes in the cheese.

It takes 12 months for an Emmenthal AOP to become a Kaltbach Emmenthal AOP.

The nutty-tangy aroma develops as the cheese ages in the damp climate of their sandstone cave and through the expertise of their cavemasters.

During this period the natural black-brown rind and the inclusions of white salt crystals and water droplets form.

Kaltbach Emmenthal is one of the cheese grated, to make Swiss cheese fondue.

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