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Kaltbach Le Gruyère A.O.P. Cheese

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Product Details
Brand: Emmi
Product origin: Switzerland
Production level: Industrial
Original format: Variable weigh 2.5 kg block
Milk type & treatment: Cow - raw
Lactose-free: Yes

The greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation, as the saying goes.

It could hardly be greater during the 12-month aging period of the Kaltbach Le Gruyère A.O.P. After all, this classic is produced in their sandstone cave under the watchful eye of their cavemasters, allowing it to develop its fruity tanginess.

Its rustic, light brown rind forms and the fine, crunchy salt crystals mature in its tender mass.

Classically used in recipes for French Onion Soup, Swiss Fondue and Croque Monsieur Sandwiches.

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